Stress in the form of my creator

Okay I understand college is stressful, so stop calling me trying to be the old wise owl. You don’t know what its like. You think you do, but you don’t. I am doing the very best I can and having you down my throat every day about being good enough is doing the exact opposite of encouraging me. I would love to point out all of your flaws and see how you react to it. Just because I don’t have it all together doesn’t give you a reason to try and one-up me. You want me to be responsible? Then stop double checking everything I do. Stop telling me what i’ve done isn’t good enough for you. These are my standards to live up to, not yours. 

Imperfectly Perfect

I realize I will never fit into the cliche of perfect. What I have determined is that I have to make my own version of perfect. Before I can be happy with anyone else, I must be happy with myself!

What’s the point???

Definitely my intentions as well!

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

     Okay so I think this is really just going to be my place to vent. If I am stressed, this is probably where I’ll come. Same situation for if I am mad or depressed or whatever. I’ll probably end up writing about the good stuff that happens too. I guess this will be sort of like a diary, but it definitely won’t be secret since everyone can get on and look at it. I might just have to not say any names if I mention something that can be considered insulting. So yeah, this is going to be what my blog is for. I don’t know if I am supposed to get on it everyday. I probably will for awhile because it’s new to me, but after awhile I will probably just get on here when I want to write about something that happened. I think I might come…

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Happy Thursday!

London love ❤

Outside the Comfort Zone

I can’t decide which is worse today: people who are gloating about receiving gifts or the people complaining about the people receiving gifts.

Valentine’s Day is just a holiday. You don’t have to participate. No one is forcing you into buying chocolates or going to dinner at Sullivan’s Steak House.

Instead of complaining about not having a valentine or complaining about those who do or complaining about not receiving a gift… can we all just take a step back and remember what this holiday is actually about? Love.

I mean, I’m no expert, but you don’t have to have a significant other to enjoy this Thursday that happens to fall on February 14. Fact.

All this Valentine’s Day chatter got me really thinking about the past 1-2 years of my life. In college I have seriously taken time to reintroduce myself to Lara. (I swear I’m not crazy). I learned…

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What Do You Do When Your Body Fails You?

This photo describes every female to some extent. We’re all insecure in our own ways, yet we all look past it and love each other the same.

Outside the Comfort Zone

Your body just lets you down. It malfunctions. It doesn’t work properly. And no matter how much you wish it were different, it isn’t. You have what you have and there’s literally nothing you can do to change that fact.

It’s an internal illness so no one would know you had it. You try to tell yourself to be strong. It’s always the same things.

“Seriously, man up. What are you doing with your life? DEAL WITH IT.”
“Get over it. It could be so much worse.”
“It’s been months, you shouldn’t have been upset about this at all let alone 5 months later.”

But no matter how many times you tell yourself these things, somehow you still find yourself upset about it on a recurring basis over the course of the week. It’s constantly in the back of your mind. You live your life, you function fine, you do…

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